Position on Social Development

G3 as part of the UNFF major groups presented a paper on Social Development during UNFF 9 in New York January/February 2011.

  • Published: .0.00.2011
  • Published by: Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken
  • The full title of the position was “Social development and indigenous and other local and forest-dependent communities, including forest land tenure”.

    Summary of the paper:

    Social development has been significantly neglected in discussions on ways to
    strengthen sustainable forest management and thereby improve livelihoods and
    reduce poverty. Strengthening social relations within and between communities is
    fundamental to increasing the economic benefits and improving the environmental
    impact of sustainable forest management. Capacity-building, addressing the rights of
    women and youth, increasing the security of land tenure rights and strengthening the
    role of associations, unions and networks are key components of social development.
    The specific measures needed in this regard are well known and many examples of
    good practices are present throughout the world. Major groups request an urgent
    collaboration with Governments and other agencies to identify and promote best
    practices to foster significant, positive social development as a vital foundation for
    sustainable forest management.

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