IFFA talking in Chile

IFFA and Sweden’s LRF was invited to Chile to talk on the benefits of Family Forestry

  • Published: .0.00.2015
  • Published by: Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken
     Lennart Ackzell, vice chair of IFFA, presented family forestry benefits at Chile forest program consultations

    The talks took place in October 2015 at the fourth and last stakeholder consultation on Chile’s Forest Program for the coming 20 years.

    Chile has an important family forest area, but the activity is low. There is obvious opportunities for local associations to develop and provide for mobilizing wood on the market and a fair market involvement for the smallholders.

    Two video interviews and a series of meetings were organised the following days at the ministries and forest related organisations. Chile is obvious a very important partner for decentralized forestry and recognition of small holders and the need for forest producers’ organisations.

    Participators at the stakeholder consultation were from Ministries (Agriculture and Economics) , CONAF forest authority, INFOR Forest Institute, MUCECH Farmers and forest growers organisation including indigenous peoples, and the MSE, PYNEMAD in sawmill and board industry and big forest companies Arauco, CMPC, Masisa and their umbrella organisation CORMA.

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