Committee on Food Security CFS with IFFA

IFFA was present at the Committee  onFood and Secuirity. IFFA participated in a panel discussion on Feminism, Forests and Food Security and Women’s Important Role in the Development of Sustainable Management of the Forest Landscape, as well as the Importance of Forests for Food Supply Globally on October 9th at FAO in Rome.


  • Published: 18.11.2017
  • Published by: Lennart Ackzell
  • Tags: #Forest and food security  # FAO 
  • Lennart Ackzell represented IFFA at the meeting of the Committee of Food Security

    The Role of forests in the landscape and trees in farms to support food production by water management, erosion control, providing nitrogen fertilizer, hindering drying winds and direct food production such as fruits.

    The women equal engagement in forestry planning, management and business is simply for advanced cooperatives or business entities the best use of its human capital for best business performance. Good examples are Emma Berglund the General Secretary for the European Confederation of Family Forest Federations, the two biggest family forest cooperatives (of the four in Sweden) have women as Chairperson and at the recently held IFFA Pan African Forest & Farm Producer Organization’s meeting 1/3 of the participants were women! A very promising record.

    The panel was moderated by Peter Holmgren General Director of CIFOR. IFFA was represented by Lennart Ackzell.


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